Why Cleaning Your Dryer Vent Is Important

Clean The Dryer Vents

Why Cleaning Your Dryer Vent Is Important

While the most serious threat posed by clogged or restricted dryer vents is the risk of fire, failure to maintain clean and clear dryer vents can cause a number of other serious problems.


  • When blocked, gas dryer vents can prevent carbon monoxide from being properly expelled from your building. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas that can build up in your home or business, causing illness and even death.
  • When moisture from wet fabrics can’t be expelled, condensation occurs. A dryer vent clogged with lint can create the perfect environment for mold growth. Once mold is in your vents, it can spread its spores through the air, aggravating breathing and exposing other parts of your home to mold.
  • As noted, clogged dryer vents prevent moisture from being efficiently removed from your laundry. That means it takes longer to dry your clothes. Longer cycles – or even multiple cycles – cause excess wear and tear on clothing, causing pilling, fabric thinning, and tears.


A professional dryer vent cleaning service can help you fix these and other dryer vent problems.  Regular vent dryer cleaning can even help you prevent a wide range of issues. If you’re ready to invest in your family’s peace of mind, call on Dryer Vent Wizard of Metro NY or Dryer Vent Wizard of North Jersey to clean the dryer vents in your home. For more information on our dryer vent cleaning service or to schedule an appointment, call (845) 637-2065.

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