Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning in New York Metro and North Jersey

Over time, lint and debris build up inside dryer vents, causing fire hazards and decreasing the efficiency of your clothes dryer. Did you know that each year there are over 15,500 vent fires in the U.S. alone?! Our dryer vent cleaning process removes clogs to ensure proper ventilation and airflow. The first step of our process includes a 10-point diagnostic inspection of the vent line, lint trap, joint connections, termination points, and hoses to accurately assess services needed.


Once the visual inspection is complete, Dryer Vent Wizard uses a professional system of specialized tools to clean and aid in the removal of lint, debris, and other obstructions found in the dryer vent. In addition, we inspect your lint screen, lint trap, and any booster fans present. Our technicians ensure that the entire dryer vent line is clear—from entry to termination point—by removing all lint, dryer sheets, clothing, and rodent nests from the entire run. When needed we can even reroute the system and bring it up to code to prevent future clogs.


In addition to our residential services, we also offer multi-unit and commercial dryer vent cleaning. We have the experience needed to provide superior service to a wide range of businesses including apartment complexes, condominiums, salons and spas, hotels, medical offices, hospitals, and more. Our professional dryer vent cleaning will help to protect your business from the hazard of dryer fires and increase the efficiency of your units, saving you time and money.


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