Dryer Vent Booster Fans

Dryer Vent Booster Fans

Booster fans are used to help provide the best airflow possible for your dryer vent system, especially in longer dryer vent runs or in vents with multiple bends. A properly installed and maintained booster fan can help to reduce the buildup of lint to ensure that your dryer is working efficiently. When your dryer is working efficiently you save time drying clothing, and less time running means less money spent.


Dryer Vent Wizard of Metro NY has the training and experience needed to properly install booster fans in even the most complicated of vent systems. We can install a booster fan while installing a new dryer vent or during a routine cleaning.


Over time, lint can build up on booster fans, causing them to run less efficiently or even causing the motor to burn out. In addition to installing booster fans, we also offer booster fan cleaning services to remove lint and other debris.


Achieve the proper air flow with our booster fan installation and cleaning services. Contact Dryer Vent Wizard of Metro NY now to schedule your booster fan service.